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Welcome to our website - the joined web shops of eurovision-dvd, eurotrash and esc-shop! We like to think about our website as a bowl of candy. For a Eurovision fan you can find almost anything that is available today. We work hard to take care of our customers, to make sure they receive their orders quickly and in the best quality possible.

We offer our items with low prices, and low shipping price. We give discounts through the shipping cost. For 1 to 10 items you only pay 2 Euro, for 11 to 20 you pay 4 Euro, and for every 10th you buy, you only pay another 2 Euro extra for postage. That is cheap!

Payments: We offer three options: Paypal, International bank transfer or cash (in registered letters). Paypal is our #1 choice, but we accept the other options


Shipping cost
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Important info about shipping!

The shipping costs you pay here at are NOT actual cost. We subsidise our customers with a flat shipping rate increasing with only €2 for every 10 dvds you buy. You never pay anything close to the actual shipping cost unless you order only 1 dvd.

The bigger your order is, the more you save on shipping.


1 to 10 cds/dvds
€ 2
11 to 20 cds/dvds
€ 4
21 to 30 cds/dvds
€ 6
31 to 40 cds/dvds
€ 8
41 or more
€ 10